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Cruz of Queens,
Founder of 
Kinetic Civic Education



December 19, 2023 Santa Claus and Talent Show at the Queens Library if you want festivities without the stress come to the East Flushing Library 196-35 Northern Blvd and see this cozy area become your home.

December 21, 2023 We will be able to complain to the police about public safety. Founder of Kinetic Civic Education, Kimberly Cruz wants you to join her for tea outside of the Flushing Library steps to hold the government accountable. There are new projects such as the Casino, Hotel, Residential building, and Stadium that are currently being protested by the Queens community across ethnicities but the people who are truly going to be affected are the families and children who live in the shadow of the projects. These projects will be at Mets Willets Point. Can we make this a big public safety hearing with the police and Latin prayer during La Novenas? Join us in multilingual and multicultural conversations about these issues

December 23, 2023

Santa Claus and talent show and raffles. Please join us at METS stadium entrance after school around 4 pm (please let the adults in your life aware of your surroundings aware of your location) to get into a raffle for tickets to various sports games in New York City.

I hope to see you there! The organization Kinetic Civic Education1 would love to include more kitchen table conversation in everyday activities supported by New York City, especially the library system that is failing and crumbling in front of our eyes. Please join the monthly PLEA to make KCE (CASE) for others who cannot advocate for themselves. Call or text (646) 895- 4909.

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to KCE! 

Grow the U.S. Sixth Congressional District Knowledge Tree! 

Kinetic Civic Education. Currently provides service based work: 

1. Nonpartisan Civic Education - focused on specific issues 

2. Advocate - get a personal advocate 

3. Translation - we have collaborations with various language services 

There are three groups of people in New York City: American Born, American Made, and American Visitors 

These are status that effect our interaction with this tree but KCE will help you PLEA your KCE(CASE). Find the networks that do have capacity and bypass the waitlist by relying on more efficient, vetted, and hopeful organizations. Quality for the quantity. 

Get Inspired
“ to preserve the communities that enter and exit the U.S. Sixth Congressional District of New York when the judicial and executive branches are removing the power of The People of the United States, we, The People, state the problems of democracy and fill in the gaps for our people with the emphasis on primary source research, local updated partnership, and active advocacy.” 

What Services are provided? 

Get exposed to activists who want to know what is actually going with your life, how can we fill in the gap that the U.S. government has failed to address. We want to keep record and teach others how to keep track of their personal life advocacy. 

You can pay for a fixed advocate for 10 hours or a flexible program tailored to your needs. This is a way to get passion for an affordable price and at the same time become the primary sources that create change in Queens. 

Reach out to


Whether you are a student, young adult, parent, elderly, or any person, we may be able to help you be seen. Do not hesitate to reach out for help! 

Check out what my mission is!

Introduction Packet

Please read this introduction packet to start advocating for yourself. 

January 24, 2024 

Summit. Please RSVP for a slot to PLEA [you meet with someone who can give you help] 


“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

Mission Statement


Kinetic Civic Education, an organization focused on streamlining kitchen table issues into New York’s Sixth Congressional District, home to 772,000 people immersed in 800 languages, inspires grit, growth, and hope for the Sixth through primary-source advocacy. We evaluate the gaps that the legislative branch of the government is not addressing especially when the executive and judicial branch have made changes that affect the Sixth Congressional District. By setting up active campaigns and thoughtful-advocacy sectioned resources around Health, Technology, Insurance, City Services, and Education, we are able to teach people how to sustainably organize their long term plan as well as actively engage with their community. Active campaigns such as Drones and Ethics, Queens Library and access to First Amendment Rights, Artificial Intelligence in Schools, Inadequate Healthcare Coverage Accountability, and CT-NY Highway safety allow community members to engage with primary sources to provide grit, growth, and hope for the Sixth. Partnerships with larger local community organizations collaborations have allowed us to update network contact information for people to be able to advocate for themselves. 


Robert Moses Flushing Meadows World Globe Monthly PLEA.: 

The Sixth is the most diverse piece of land with a wealth of information not being emphasized enough. Starting January 24, 2024, Kinetic Civic Education will provide the public a space to complain about not getting your complaints heard and plea your KCE (CASE) to advocates who have intersectional experience.



Giving Chai

The magnificent effort of efficient targeting messaging to correct the wrongs committed to an enclave can be seen with the Jewish lessons around “giving chai”. My father always admired the Jewish culture because of the idea of a phoenix rising from the ashes with the wing strength provided by the support of the community. The Jewish culture achieves the importance of providing social capital, materials, or physical cash to leaders, organizations, and community members so that their efforts can fill the unseen gaps in each household. 


Our households all have their internal secrets and customs that are not shown to the rest of civil society. Family values on what causes shame, glee, and melancholy cannot be transparent at all times in this ever changing society Post-COVID and Post-AI. We have to set roots on what we can all come to an agreement and use as an outline to set rules for all. We have to allow those discussions to occur efficiently and effectively. Gather the leaders monthly, centralized the information to the government as a council for us ALL with transparent communication. 


In such a modern world, where there are robots being revered for demonstration of the extent to our human capabilities or the robots are being exposed for potential destruction of civil society, we shall meet as an assembly and apprise, both continents and governmental elected officials, of the issues that have impacted the community from an international standpoint to a domestic standpoint. 



I learned about strong bonds with my Arab community throughout my travels. Every decision we make, even the decision to throw away food, can be a moment of impact for another individual. In the Arab community, specifically in Morocco, I saw people regularly putting bread on the side of the street in places where it was safe to eat again. My host family told me: Moroccans do not waste bread because bread is a source of life. You see bread on the streets because it is an energy source for people who are vulnerable on the street. Why throw away food that is actually providing someone else energy to make their next decision? 


This bread bond reminded me of my grandmother Abuelita Rosa, who died being an active worker in her business. She made fresh bread in the morning everyday until the age of 92. When my father was growing up, their family had the town restaurant, and when my grandfather passed away my grandmother adapted to her circumstances and specialized her skills in all that is pan (bread). This symbol was that you should never stop being active and if you are lucky enough to find your passion then the activity will make you stronger, you will lead a healthier life, and allow yourself to have clarity for the next big decision. 

What I have seen in this particular value of the bond to the self or to the community is that you have to be a friend to others and be a friend to yourself. Find your passion and provide people with some support without knowing this stranger-neighbor. Across cultures we are using language to communicate our values and our life missions tailored to the individual self. A bond set with the dough to make something beautiful for the next person. 



The Asian community has taught me the value of investing in your mind. In Flushing, New York, you can find hundreds of prep schools focusing on pooling their efforts to get your child into the best school so that they can be on the path to prosperity. In China, GaoKao ( 高考) is an intensely studied exam, sole criterion for entrance to Chinese Universities, and is taken by Chinese students in their final year of high school; students are taught at a very young age the importance of this exam and emphasize how it will “determine” your career choices. To an extent, this is true. If we tell everyone that “just anyone can make it into higher institutions”, we will actually create more harm in BIPOC*  communities than more good. We have to show people the time and effort that is needed and expected amongst wealthier peers and those around the world. Who are we actually competing with in the international and domestic world market? Are there topics that I need to learn at a younger age so I am not behind in my Adult Stage? Which books, journals, and newspapers are objective and which ones are subjective? 


We must value the exposure to quality-google-search terms. An individual who wants to learn about finance may fall into traps where low quality to mid-quality actors will provide information and the government does not have a business or nonprofit institution to vet these resources. The Better Business Bureau: a private organization that provides the public with information on businesses and charities, handles consumer complaints about firms through their .A+ to F rating system.  Local bureaus in the United States, Canada, and Mexico fall under the Council of Better Business Bureaus—a self-regulatory organization. If we expose terms, organization names, and agency titles to the public in a more deliberative way , we will allow others to become stronger advocates. People do not want to rely on slow services when maybe their investment can lead to a desired outcome. BIPOC communities are just tired of investing and then getting lower quality help than their peers, and lower quality results than they were promised/expected. 


Therefore, Kinetic Civic Education is a center that allows people to dissect their life and file a timeline complaint to keep record of their self-activism finding better quality resources in New York City and at the same time notifying KCE which resources are lacking or do not exist. Self-regulate low-income communities with high quality guidance because if these communities do not have physical cash capital, they are still breathing and have time to focus on their familial empire – their household. Join Kinetic Civic Education to connect and make 2024 a better and more appropriate space for your existence. 

Please fill out an index card with the information below and send an email to

1. Three things you have skills in 

2. Three things you need assistance with based on the trunk services 

3. Name, age, phone number, email

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Active Activism
We are using our bodies to collect primary sources and connect with KCE to bring more awareness for legislative change! 
November 17, 2023 7:45 pm
"Books saved my life" 

We rely on centralizing information on the actual capabilities of the services promised to us as American Citizens, American Long-term Residents, or American Visitors, instead of relying on religious organizations, ethnic enclaves, gender affiliations when you first enter into an active stage in life: 


    • 0-18 

    • 18-25 

  • [ADULT]

    • 25-40

    • 40-65


    • 65-90

    • 90-120 


There is a better way to set a clear standard for the U.S. Sixth Congressional District of New York where 772,000 are interacting with the migrant crisis, rise of artificial intelligence, socio-economic and political tensions. We must uphold our American principles to hold the branches of government accountable for the people. 


Kinetic Civic Education to keep the government in check by balancing the information to be civilian-centered and powered by our primary sources. Many agencies keep civilian information private and do not allow people to have possession of their information. To combat this, Kinetic Civic Education has created an organization that fills in the gaps when international politics stretches thin our district's services. 

11/17/23 7:45 pm
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